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Jenerik Hello
This is the conceptual and development site for Cape Media. Nothing commerical or 'live' intended to be seen here, just a skunkworks

Pet Peeve List (PPL)
- Please refill icetrays when there is just one, or no, cubes left. Don't leave it on the counter. Don't put it back in the fridge as-is. Fill'er up and feel the power of cube incarnation.
Or is this a little-known peeve since everyone has icemakers in their fridge by now...

- Hang up the phone when you're done talking. It's Not Hard to walk back to the cradle and replace the handset....20 seconds out of your day. Phone's ringing...where is it...phew, found just in talk...dead battery...
Just a few more times of that and this house is going back to cords.

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